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The perfect


  • There are hundreds of gift card options available to add directly to any greeting card. After selection of greeting card, you will be prompted to add a gift card if you'd like. 

    *gift cards cannot be purchased without a greeting card

  • Gift cards are printed directly onto the BACK of the greeting card in the form of a QR code. 

    How to redeem gift card:

    1. Scan the QR code with your smart device.

    2. Enter in the "PASSWORD" for the correct challenge token.

    3. Add directly to your digital wallet for safe keeping.

    • PVC plastic, the most harmful plastic for the environment due to its inability to decompose, is used to make gift cards.

    • There are 50M Lbs of plastic generated from gift cards each year.

    • Gift card theft is on the rise due to easy access on retail shelves.

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