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Thank you for your interest in becoming a partner!

We are thrilled to offer a product that can be placed anywhere. Our business model allows us to infiltrate into many different locations and enables us to make it easy and convenient for consumers to give personalized greeting cards and gift cards!


Sending a smile has never been easier. 

We have various models of revenue shares that can be defined during discussions. Please get in contact with us!

Our full kiosk allows up to 3 users to be interacting with the kiosk at once. This kiosk cannot be placed against anything. Specs 3x3x7ft

Full Kiosk

Our single sided kiosk fits up against walls and end caps and services one user at a time. Specs are 3x3x6ft

Single Sided Kiosk

Our tablet model is small in size but holds all of the same functions minus the "hands-off" experience. Retailers hand customer cards after automatic print behind the counter.

Tablet Model

Our Kiosks

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