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The Future of Gifting is Here 
& it's ready for YOU!

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Calling All Retailers!

Looking for a product that will enhance your store offering and provide consumers with an unforgettable experience?

Retailers are loving our solution to the wasted space, inventory pains, and limited offering that the current greeting card industry has to offer. Our revolutionary kiosks and software allow for a better retailer AND consumer experience.

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OUR Product

We offer greeting cards and gift cards on demand with our automated kiosks.

We have various kiosk options to suit your needs. We have a full-sized kiosk that is a 360 wrap-around, a single sided kiosk, and a tablet model.

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OUR Kiosks

We have various models and revenue split options available to fit your needs as a retailer. You can reach out to us with any questions at

Let's Get Started!

We are thrilled to provide a new and better product for both retailers and consumers. Reach out to us to get started on a brilliant partnership! 

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